Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lead Position

Peter Drucker said that only a leading edge position allows a business to achieve results.  Anything less is at best competent which leads to marginal.  Taking a lead position with respect to a product or service does not mean bigger or more costly.  It does mean an advantageous difference in the eyes of the customer.  Excellent organizations pursue lead positions.  How can we remain different and better? That is a question that an effective team is constantly asking.  It is an opportunity to be persistently pursued because lead positions are both transitory and targets for the competition.

 It is a game of leapfrog. The excellence organization is constantly leapfrogging to a new lead position.


  1. Delegate everything except genius.

    1. Good motto. I like it but genius means you have identified "the main thing" success depends on. You can't delegate responsibly for that. You can hold people accountable, but if it doesn't happen, you failed to make it happen.