Friday, October 5, 2012

Financing Information

My smarter brother, Mike Collins, is the CEO of 2nd Generation Capital, a Nashville-based merchant banking firm serving as principal, agent, and advisor in transactions related to business investments.  Here is a rundown on what they do:
  • As merchant bankers, we create and invest in new businesses and help manage them.
  • As private-market investment bankers, we operate as a broker-dealer, assisting client companies with debt and/or equity placements.  We also advise or manage merger & acquisition transactions.
  • As advisors, we serve on boards of directors or advisory boards and assist client firms with strategic planning and capital structure.
  • As experts, we provide independent valuations, fairness opinions, and litigation support services for complex transactions and situations.
Their website also is a plethora of white papers that answer just about every question an investor or business owner would have.  Right now for example, financing is a top concern for anyone in business.  Check out 2nd Generation’s paper “What every Mid-state business owner needs to know about financing Your Business”.  If you are looking for other answers, go to their website and check out articles on:

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