Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Common Courtesy

What kind of enterprise do you want to be?  What kind of company can get the right people on the bus?  What kind of organization can have customers who like that organization?  What one zero tolerance prerequisite should be maintained within the organization?  The answer is “CC”—common courtesy.  Achieving and maintaining excellence depends on successfully installing that quality throughout the organization—the quality of caring and showing it.  Customers accept nothing less.  If they don’t get it, then if they have an alternative, and eventually they will, they will take it.  The same is true with the organization’s best people, best vendors, etc.  Remember we are always judged by others, and “CC” is the gold standard.


A beautiful Nashville lawyer, an inheritance at risk, a devastating storm and wine to kill for—The Claret Murders, a new Mark Rollins adventure.

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