Monday, April 29, 2013

TNT: Today Not Tomorrow

Nothing happens until something (action) happens.

Excellent managers create a sense of urgency and strive to create an environment of acting today and not tomorrow. “Even large opportunities, problems, and issues can be broken down into smaller steps (actions) that can be acted upon incrementally so as to deal with issues in a TNT manner. TNT is an enormously simplifying tactic.

In my software company I had a sign in the accounting and shipping areas that read “Bill it today/Ship it today.” Without that performance standard, we would have had to have systems in place to keep up with what had not been billed and what had not been shipped. TNT reduced work.

In addition to reducing work,  TNT is the right innovation method—small, fast, and simple. Break the effort into “quick turn-around projects”—build a model, jerry-rig it, test it with clients. Act-test-act!

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