Thursday, October 2, 2014


Change is constant, and I am engage in making a number of them.

With regard to web sites, I am moving to a new site There are a couple of reasons for the move:

  • First, having the site under my name as an author makes sense.  People are more likely to search the web by my name than by the either the publisher name, I 65 North, Inc.  or by the name of my mystery services, Mark Rollins adventure mysteries.  In the near future people searching for or will be rerouted to
  • The second reason for the change is that switching to Squarespace as the site provider for improved graphics management and for its the simplicity of its ecommerce features. Consistent with its mission statement provides more elegant solutions 

At the same time I make this change, I am consolidating my blogs.  I will no longer maintain both  I65northblog is being renamed  and I will discontinue maintaining

If you have any doubt that change is constant, check out T-shirt the gang at Juris had made of “me” to celebrate one of my birthdays when I still had hair.  I forget which.

When the above changes are fully implemented there will be only two active “official” web sites:

As for the Newsletter, right now it is taking a rest while I concentrate on finishing my current novel DIVERSION.

# # #

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