Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tom Peters on his number one goal

Peters can knock it out of the ball park with straight talk about what is important.  For example when he was asked “What is your number-one goal in life?”

Peters answer was “My number-one goal in life, at the age of 71, is to be able to walk past a mirror without barfing.”  He went on to say, "People say that fame is important, but in the end it really isn’t. People say that wealth is important, but in the end it really isn’t. My ex-wife had a father who was in the tombstone business. I’ve seen a lot of tombstones. None of ’em have net worth on ’em. It’s the people you develop. That’s what you remember when you get to be my age."

Okay let me translate:

  • First, take care of yourself.  If you don't you can't take care of others
  • Second, take care of others and develop their capabilities.  

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